The Gateway Cast & Character Guide

Here is our full guide to the cast and the characters that go through The gates, now shown in theaters and on VOD. A hard-hitting and intense action thriller, The gates experienced a long, hard road to the big screen after Alexander Felix BendaƱa’s manuscript first began to capture attention in 2013. Finally, in 2019, Michele Civetta, who directed, The gates was then stuck in pandemic film limbo, as one of many completed projects without distribution funds. Finally, The gates gets a shared theatrical / on-demand release from September 3rd.

Mixing old-school noir vibes with a very modern, real world, The gates follows Parker, a social worker who becomes responsible for a single mother and her child while his father, Mike, is in jail. When Mike is released and immediately resumes his illegal life, Parker takes it upon himself to protect the family he has grown up with – by the necessary means.

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The gates is filled with faces that audiences of all generations might recognize, from big Oscar nominees to comic book students. These are the names that make up the exciting cast The gates.

Shea Wingham as Parker

Shea Wingham as Parker in The Gateway

Leading The gatesstarring is Shea Wingham, who plays Parker – the apostate social worker who bravely stands between an innocent family and the criminal underworld that threatens to swallow them. Wingham is no stranger to noir-ish tones, having previously starred as Eli in Boardwalk Empire, as well as Real detective, Perry Mason and more. Wingham joined Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter as Roger Dooley, and is known for portraying Agent Stasiak in Fast and furious franchise. A veteran with grizzled authority figures, The gates finds Shea Wingham in familiar territory.

Olivia Munn as Dahlia

Olivia Munn as Dahlia in The Gateway

Olivia Munn plays The gates‘s young mother, Dahlia, who reluctantly accepts Parker’s help when her daughter’s life is in danger. A hard-working and hopeful Casino employee, Dahlia tries to protect her child from their harsh surroundings. Munn will be best known for playing Psylocke in the 2016s X-Men: Apocalypse. Having established himself in political drama The newsroom, Munn’s other film credits include Magic Mike, Free us from evil and The predator.

Frank Grillo as Duke

Frank Grillo as Duke in The Gateway

The gates‘s Duke is a local criminal who acts as a point of contact for Dahlia’s non-good partner when he is released from prison. Behind a bar (rather than behind bars), Duke pulls the city’s murky criminal threads. Frank Grillo plays Crossbones in MCU, where he recently resumed the character What if…? The actor has also starred in Clean franchise, Prison escape and Kingdom.

Bruce Dern as Marcus

Bruce Dern as Marcus in The Gateway

Adding some gravitas to The gatesstarring is Bruce Dern, who earned Oscar nominations for both Coming home and Nebraska. Among his many film credits are numerous Quentin Tarantino films – Django Unchained, The hateful eight, and Once upon a time in Hollywood. There plays Marcus, Parker’s father who left him as a child. After having a small choice, Parker enlists Marcus’ help in protecting Dahlia and her daughter.

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Taryn Manning as Corey

Known primarily for playing Cherry in Sons of Anarchy and Pennsatucky in Orange is the new black, Taryn Manning can also be found performing as a pop artist after her musical beginnings in Boomkat. IN The gates, Corey is a regular at the bar, Parker drinks on, and the couple forges a strong friendship.

The Gateways supporting cast and characters

Zack Avery as Mike in The Gateway

Zack Avery as Mike Dahlia’s husband, released from prison as The gates begins before he immediately grabs where he left off. Ironically, Avery (real name Zach Horwitz) was arrested in April 2021 on charges of fraud related to a multi-million dollar Ponzi-con.

Mark Boone Junior as Gary – Another alum of Sons of Anarchy (Bobby) and Fast and furious series (2 Fast 2 Furious‘s It. Whitworth). Boone is also a semi-regular of Christopher Nolan’s film. The gates‘s Gary seems to be another of Parker’s friends.

Taegan Burns as Ashley Ashley is the daughter of Dahlia and Mike, and the child Parker is determined to protect. As a young actor, The gates is one of Burns’ first major film roles.

Keith David as TerryThe gates is very does not a first role for Keith David, who boasts credits in Plato, Things, Dead presidents and There’s something about Mary. David also has a great voice acting career appearing in Adventure Time, Archis, Rick & Morty, and many more.

Alex Wraith as Louis – Wraith plays Vasily Reznikov in Orange is the new black and agent Anderson in Agents for SHIELD.

Jay Hieron as Paul – Hieron is largely known as a stunt artist, but also has acting credits in Lethal weapons TV series and Shooting game.

Nick Daly as It. Bachman – Daly appeared in Pain, before reuniting with Director, Michele Civetta, on The gates.

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