The X-Men Trailer launches ‘Inferno’, Marvel’s next big event

Marvel has released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming X-Men event Inferno, which starts the next phase of Jonathan Hickman’s master plan.

Potential spoilers ahead for Inferno # 1!

Marvel has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming X men event Hell. The four-part miniseries starting the next chapter in Jonathan Hickmans X men renew, will be sold in print and digital in September.

In 2019, after final runs Fantastic four and Avengers, author Jonathan Hickman addressed Marvel’s mutants. IN House of X / Powers of X miniseries, Hickman injected new life into the franchise and gave mutants their homeland: the island paradise of Krakoa. All mutants were welcome and all violations were forgiven. In addition, the people of Krakoa have access to technology that allows them to cheat death: the resurrection protocols. Any mutant that dies can be brought back to life on Krakoa, thanks to backups the island creates; X-Men keeps this a secret from the outside world. This technology, while saving many lives, is slowly becoming more and more of a problem, and it is the resurrection protocols that lead directly to the events of Hell. The miniseries is written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Valerio Schiti, RB Silva and Stefano Caselli.

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A new trailer for the event was sent to Marvel’s Twitter account. Both Mystique and Destiny were previously confirmed Inferno’s main players, and as the trailer begins, fans watch the two sit together and watch the sunset. Destiny, who has psychic powers, warns his lover about the emergence of Krakoa. Fate tells her that the island will seem like a paradise, but beneath the surface it is rotten. She also tells Mystique about the resurrection protocols and that she must be brought back – but if Krakoa’s leaders do not allow her to be resurrected, then Mystery is burning it down. The trailer also mocks the other big players in Hell, namely Moira McTaggert, who has been transformed from a faithful ally into a deadly threat.

The resurrection protocols were to raise the mutant cheek above the rest of humanity, but it is driving an ever-increasing wedge into the mutant society. They triggered an existential meltdown in Nightcrawler, who saw them as a challenge to his faith; fans have also seen that a hierarchy has developed that emphasizes who reappears before whom. Moreover, readers have seen that some mutants have not re-emerged – the fate among them. It’s strange that Destiny has not yet emerged – is it because the psychic poses a threat to Krakoa? Whatever the reason given by the Council, Mystique will do they pay for their mistakes, even if it means destroying Krakoa itself.

Jonathan Hickman’s magnificent vision for X men moves into its next phase with Hell, and now Marvel has released a new teaser trailer for the event, which will be in stores in September.

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