Brooklyn Decker shares message about abortion laws in Texas

Brooklyn Decker has words for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

That Grace & Frankie star took to Instagram on September 1, the day the Supreme Court failed to cast doubt on the most restrictive law on abortion implemented in the state to date, questioning the alleged values ​​of Texas politicians.

“Governor Abbott and lawmakers in Texas, you passed a law in 2015 that allows kids to bring their hidden gun to campus, and you say you’re pro-life. Really? OK, ”she began. “You do not want to let schools mandate masks, all the while your hospitals fill up with COVID patients and you say you are pro-life? And you believe in bodily autonomy? OKAY.”

That Just let it happen the actress, who lives in her husband Andy Roddick’s hometown of Austin, also reminded her supporters of Senator Ted Cruz’s vacation in February to Cancun, while many in his state suffered due to intense winter storms that caused power outages.

“People are dying, they are starving, and they are stuck inside, and your senator is going to Cancun to get rid of the cold? And you say you’re pro-life? Really? “She continued.” You ban abortions after six weeks, a time when most women do not know they are pregnant, and you financially encourage individuals to rat each other out and say you do not like the government overreach? Okay, Texas. ”

Decker, who has previously been outspoken on social media about social issues such as police brutality and climate change, has also previously shared support for his state. During the winter storms earlier this year, she wrote about Roddick’s charity, The AR Foundation, which provided assistance to Texans who were struggling, as well as shared other ways to receive support on social media.

On September 2, Decker also spoke out about the swelling of misinformation during the corona pandemic. In response to a comment about spreading “lies” and “misinformation,” she said tweeted, “It is scary. It will be our downfall. ”

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