‘It’s scary!’: Lyrebird in Australian zoo perfectly mimics the baby’s crying and leaves the netizens shocked

It is not uncommon for a large number of species in the animal world to mimic human actions and gestures. However, a bird in an Australian zoo seems to be in a different league, after picking up one of the scariest sounds – a child’s wailing. Now, a video of the bird call has taken social media by storm, with many freaking out about how exactly it looks like a human child’s cry.

Although Taronga Zoo has been closed to guests due to covid-induced lockdown, zoo keepers recently heard a loud screaming sound, only to realize it was coming from their resident lyre bird, called Echo. True to its name, the zoo authorities mentioned that the bird has “FANTASTIC ability to replicate a variety of calls – including a child’s screams!”

The seven-year-old male lyrebird’s ear-splitting imitation not only caught the attention of the zoo authorities, but also got netizens to talk online, where the clip went viral across social media.

Watch the video here:

Lyrebirds is incredible mimics, and has been known to mimic the sounds of chainsaws, car engines, car alarms, barking dogs, music, ringtones and the human voice, 9 News reported.

Leanne Golebiowski, unit supervisor for birds at the zoo, told The guardian that Echo started using snippets of the stirring sound a year ago, but has “worked with its craft” during the Covid lockdown in Sydney.

Although zoo authorities are not sure where Echo picked up the noise, Golebiowski assumed that the talented bird must have learned it from a young visitor. “But that worries me when I thought the zoo was a great place for families to visit!” Said Golebiowski.

And they have a right to be concerned, as Echo has also chosen other not-so-pleasant sounds, including the zoo “evacuate now” message. The staff added that it has mastered the sound of a drill “which is frighteningly accurate” and it can even ring the fire alarm.

When the video went viral, it left many confused, and many social media users said it must have been a very “scary experience for the pet sitter”. Others, however, could not stop making jokes that appreciated the bird’s ability to mimic the sound so perfectly.

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