Oprah Winfrey is planning an ‘intimate wedding’ in Santa Barbara

Is Oprah Winfrey still planning to get married in Santa Barbara? Six months ago, we faced a story about Winfrey and longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham finally getting hitched. Let’s look back at that story to see what goes on with the couple.

Montecito ceremony

New idea broke the story that Winfrey finally said “I do” after a 29-year commitment. The two planned a lavish ceremony in her Montecito mansion. A tipster said: “Oprah keeps the guest list super tight – family, Gayle King and a few key friends like Meghan and Harry.” They were hoping for a simple and safe wedding.

Gossip officer ruined this story back then for being a bait-and-switch. The title, “Oprah Ties the Knot,” did not happen. The story itself was about wedding planning, but the title made readers believe that the wedding had already happened. This misleading practice is extremely common, especially from New idea, so this was an easy story to debunk.

Did Oprah get married?

Graham and Winfrey are still not married as this intimate ceremony did not happen. As expected, the story was completely fabricated. Graham and Winfrey are marking 35 years together in 2021, so there is still reason to celebrate.

Winfrey has been asked many times over the years why she has never been married. In 2015, she told Shonda Rhimes that she wanted Graham to propose but could not cope. She said: “What I realized is that I do not want to be married. Because I could not have the life I created for myself … I knew I could not do it. ”

Wedding stories abound

You would think that tabloids would get the message after decades of status quo, but tabloids never learn. Winfrey personally shot down a tabloid rumor in 2016 with an identical claim.

Back in 2018, this very tabloid claimed that Winfrey was secretly already married to Graham. That was not true in 2018, and it is not true now. Weddings are an easy story to sell, so it does not come as a surprise New idea invent them regularly.

This tabloid claimed that Kylie Minogue was getting married, but she personally shot that rumor down. It does not even matter if the couple is already married. Gossip officer has debunked pledge renewal stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

A Winfrey wedding would be a bulging way to celebrate an anniversary, but there is no sign that it is in the works. This intimate wedding has never happened, and unless Winfrey and Graham have a total change of heart, it probably never will.

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