9/11 video: Watch live news coverage from September 11, 2001

NEW YORK-Our sister station WABC-TV has shared air coverage since September 11, 2001, showing moments after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center for the mass exodus from New York City.

The stories are shown as they were broadcast on WABC 20 years ago. According to an editorial decision, you will not see footage that has been considered sensitive to be displayed.

However, to capture the severity of the attack as well as reflect the excellent and emotional work that many of our journalists showed up that day, a couple of the videos contain footage of the Twin Towers falling.

PHOTO: 9/11 attack on World Trade Center in New York City

Watch the videos at your own discretion, and remember with us the fight for all those who died that day and who continue to suffer today.

NJ Burkett’s 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains pictures of towers falling)

Jim Hopper’s 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains pictures of falling towers)

Michelle Charlesworth reports on the mass emigration out of New York
The remaining videos are in the playlist above and are as follows:
Dave Evans talks to New Yorkers
Lauren Glassberg reports from St. Vincent’s Hospital
Anthony Johnson interviews a man who escaped from the towers

Nina Pineda reports from Lower Manhattan
Stacey Cases speaks to witnesses and respondents
Marcus Solis reports from Bellevue Hospital
Joe Torres’ 9/11 Account (WARNING: Contains pictures of falling towers)
Lucy Yang reports stranded passengers

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