Missouri teen soccer player killed in kindergarten Accident

An 18-year-old football player from Maryland Heights, Missouri, has lost his life in a tragic elevator accident.

According to PEOPLE, JauMarcus McFarland was a student at the Champion Prep Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, which is an academic athletic program for students who want to play college football.

He and his teammates were living in studio apartments in northeast Atlanta when they entered the building elevator around 6 p.m. 15 The elevator collapsed, taking McFarland down and tying him between the second and third floors.

PEOPLE report that he was trapped for almost an hour and his teammates tried to free him. The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department was able to free him, but the teenager later died of his injuries at Atlanta Medical Center.

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Michael Carson, president and founder of the Georgia Prep Sports Academy, told People: “We are all experiencing the loss of JauMarcus at this time. It is certainly a tragedy for our program and his family in Missouri is completely devastated.”

He continued: “We get kids from all over the country to join our program. JauMarcus was just an excellent kid and a super athlete. He had so much potential. He was 6’6”, 300 lbs .; a left tackle with great footwork. He was one of the leaders on his team. Very respectful, very humble and very focused. Guys really respected him and his work ethic. We’re just all in shock. “

The State Insurance Commissioner’s office in charge of inspecting elevators did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. However, a spokesman for the State Insurance Commissioner’s Office told WAGA-TV that the unit’s operating license expired in August last year, stating: “Inspections are required by state law on an annual basis and it is the building owner’s responsibility to request this annual inspection from our office. We have not registered such a request from this building. “

The building’s property manager claims the elevator was serviced last week, passed an inspection in August 2019 and should not be inspected until 2024, according to CBS46.

PEOPLE reports official inspection reports are awaited.


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