Add Amazon, Walmart Discounts to Your Cost Comparison | Personal finance

Walmart + has not promoted six-month prescriptions and typically offers 30- and 60-day options. You share your digital pharmacy savings card information with a pharmacy that will work with you to compare savings options on different supplies.

Can you combine the discounts with insurance coverage?

No. The prescription savings cards are not insurance and cannot be combined with insurance. However, you can always choose to use the discount programs rather than your insurance if a drug price is less than your copy.

Once you have entered the prescription and your insurance information, the Amazon service offers an insurance reference tool so that you can compare it with the discount price on a particular prescription.

‘Zillow for health care’

Thanks to online services like Zillow and Autotrader, it seems easier to shop a home or a car than a prescription.

“We need it for health care,” said Mark D. Peters II of Flemington, New Jersey, a doctor of pharmacy and vice president at nonprofit CancerCare.

The reason there is little transparency in pricing for medicines and healthcare as a whole is a tangled network of providers, says Peters.

Pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs – such as Express Scripts, OptumRx and CVS Health – are part of the complex prescription supply chain. PBMs, a bridge between drug manufacturers, wholesalers, health insurance companies, pharmacies and large employers, build a list of approved drugs, called a form.

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