Austin residents express concern over recent road incidents

AUSTIN (KXAN) – After Saturday’s deadly shooting on Interstate 35, which police believe stems from a furious incident, KXAN asked Austin police if such incidents have been on the rise in the city.

Anecdotally, KXAN has recently received several reports of incidents in the way from viewers. We are still waiting for an answer from APD to our question.

However, KXAN spoke to a few people affected by other recent road incidents.

One of them was the victim of an incident that recently received a great deal of attention on Reddit, where another driver posted a video of what happened.

In the video, the driver of a maroon Honda Accord can be seen driving aggressively and even stopping to throw a drink at the driver of a black Honda Pilot on I-35. Finally, the video shows another car, which is light yellow, joining the reddish-brown car in an attempt to block the driver of the van.

The victim who was driving the van reached out to KXAN to get his story out.

He says that before the recording even began, the driver of the red-brown car had already gotten out of his vehicle once to run up and smash the windows of the van.

“This is a whole new level for me. It’s something I’ve never seen before, ”said the driver of the van, who did not want to share his name for fear of retaliation.

He says it all started before the camera recorded when he tried to change lane at the same time as the aggressor. He called 911 just a few minutes inside.

He said from the beginning of the furious incident until he was able to escape, “it was about 30 to 40 minutes and no officers showed up.”

Eventually, he escaped the two cars that followed him on the I-35 front road by driving through a grassy median back onto the highway.

Despite the shocking video showing exactly what happened, the APD told KXAN that no police report was ever written and the case was cleared.

The victim says from the conversations he has had with various people at APD, he does not think his case is being taken seriously enough.

“The responding officer spoke to me over the phone and told me that this is just considered a furious incident and their hands are tied,” he said.

He plans to file yet another police report, hoping detectives will use the license plate numbers seen in the video to track down the attackers.

“If I can speak clearly, people are less worried about what’s going to happen to them because, in my opinion, the Austin police have their hands tied. Their department is shrinking. Their funding disappears. And people know they can not keep up with the calls. I mean, I almost gave up on this one, ”he said. “The only reason I want to follow up on this is because I have to make sure people like this are not on the go when my kids are on the go.”

In Saturday’s shooting on I-35, a woman was killed. Police later tracked down the suspect in his apartment complex. After a SWAT standoff with him, the police were able to arrest him without injuring others.

It was the second shooting believed to have originated from rage in Austin in the past few weeks.

Gildardo Martinez told KXAN that his father and a passenger were shot in North Austin after his father could not stop fast enough to leave a car that had cut off people in front of him. They pulled a trailer with heavy materials in behind the truck they were in.

“When you have a heavy trailer, it’s hard to just take a quick break, so he had no other chance, no other option than just to continue with the traffic,” Martinez explained. “And I guess that was when the truck was bothered. He tried to interrupt people and he tried to keep up with my dad. So when there were trucks next to my dad on the driver’s side, he braked and went to the passenger side, and that was when he started shooting. ”

Martinez’s father was taken to hospital with what police called life-threatening injuries at the time. Martinez says he was shot in the neck.

Fortunately, he was released from the hospital after spending 10 days there and is now recovering at home. Martinez says the passenger was grazed by a bullet and still has glass in his eyes from bullets that went through the truck window.

“If he was in a hurry to get somewhere or something, people should just get up earlier,” Martinez said. “There is no reason for people to use weapons for such situations. I mean, people usually just yell at themselves inside the car. But if one took a gun out on people in traffic, it could have hit another. What if the car behind him or next my father had a child or an entire family? ”

Martinez says that in his father’s case, police told him they had arrested a suspect.

KXAN will update this story if APD responds to our request for information on recent incidents along the way.

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