Everything to know about Laurel Goldman’s new podcast

Love Island USA star Laurel Goldman has launched a new podcast called The Unfiltered Podcast. Find out all there is to know about Laurel’s podcast.

Love Island USA season 2 star Laurel Goldman has launched a brand new podcast, The unfiltered hotlinetogether with Angela Wauthier. Laurel was introduced to Love Island fans as a 22-year-old businesswoman from Auburn, Alabama. She had recently taken a business degree from Auburn University, but fans got to know her as a Casa Amor novice. At the time, Carrington Rodriguez had just broken up with Kierstan Saulter in the villa, prompting him to pursue a whole new relationship in the villa.

When Carrington returned to the main villa with Laurel, he found out that Kierstan had not hooked up with any of the new boys from Casa Amor. Kierstan tried to explain himself to Carrington, but his head was completely turned towards Laurel. In return, Carrington and Laurel reached the final and finished fourth. Carrington and Laurel broke up after Love the island, but they dated a little after the show. Alas, long distance just did not work for them. From September 2021, both Carrington and Laurel are dating other people.

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Now Laurel takes everything she’s learned in previous relationships and helps listeners through her new podcast, The unfiltered hotline. The podcast, co-hosted by Laurel’s friend Angela, is described as “Your home for all reality TV, advice and life in your twenties.” New episodes are released every Monday and cover a wide range of topics around “girl talk.” The show currently has five episodes, making it easy for new listeners to catch up. In a recent episode, Laurel and Angela interviewed Love Island USA season 3 stars Javonny Vega and Florita Diaz. The show has also featured a tell-all episode in which Angela asked Laurel questions regarding Love the island casting secrets and production details.

Other sections from The unfiltered hotline including interviews where The bottle blonde Host Kristina McInnis talked about her experiences starting a marketing company, and Spencer Barrick discussed his career in adult entertainment. In their latest episode, Laurel and Angela got a talk on Netflix He is all that, The #FreeBritney movement and Dance with the stars season 30, among other topics. Their pop culture ending also included discussions about Kylie Jenner’s recent pregnancy, which was confirmed today. In her personal life, Laurel has been with her new boyfriend Bryce Jordan since February 2021. Laurel has mostly stayed away from Love Island USA universe since her breakup with Carrington, but it’s clear she’s building a successful media career after her first reality TV stint.

The fans fell in love with Laurel on Love Island USA. At the time of writing, she has reached 156,000 followers on Instagram, which is a strong following for Laurel to bring over to The unfiltered hotline podcast.

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