Iowa Dem Axne tracks generic Republican opponent by 9 percent

Rep. Cindy Axne, the lone congressional Democrat from Iowa that Republicans want to remove, is sitting in a poll against a generic Republican as she faces President Joe Biden’s party political agenda.

According to the latest poll from the U.S. action network, Axne loses in a head-to-head election against a generic Republican on the ballot. The poll showed that respondents favor the Republican by nine percent, with 51 percent of the vote. Axne received only 41 percent in the hypothetical poll.

Interestingly, the hypothetical poll shows that voters in the district are actually less favorable to Axne than to Biden. The survey showed that Biden’s approval in the district stands at 43 percent, with 51 percent rejecting the president.

Voters from her district also said Biden has a negative negative approval of the economy and foreign policy. He gives a negative ten on every political issue: 42 percent approve, 52 percent reject.

The majority of voters (51 percent) in Axnes’ congressional district also believe that public spending is to blame for the rise in inflation.

This includes the majority of American voters who reject the left-wing spending plan and Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” agenda, 55 percent and 55 percent, respectively.

In the district, 47 percent of respondents agreed that the spending package would exacerbate rising costs, and 58 percent said they did not want to pay for it.

Iowa Republican Director of Communications Kollin Crompton said:

Axne has followed her marching orders from Nancy Pelosi and now she is paying the price. Iowans are tired of the socialist spending experience they see in Washington – and they know that Axne will not stop setting our taxpayer dollars on fire until she is voted out.

The AAN poll was also conducted in six other districts that were vulnerable by Democrats in California, Florida, two in Michigan, Virginia and Washington.

The AAN poll was conducted between August 28 and 30, in which 800 likely voters in the 2022 midterm elections were surveyed in each of the seven key congressional races facing vulnerable Democrats. The margin of error was 3.2 percentage points.

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