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Sometimes there is just so much more than one can see. Not only is it extremely fun, but it is also very addictive to read about the theories surrounding our favorite shows and movies. Sometimes the stories turn out to be true, while other theories could not be further from the truth. Manufacturers can even entertain the ideas for marketing purposes. No matter how they arise, theories always change things.

They make us watch shows and movies in completely different light, and when they turn out to be true, it’s sadly better! Predictably, Money Heist does not leave the entertainment news headlines soon. Why should it? Fans are constantly asking themselves, is Tokyo the same as Tokyo? The fifth season is on its way. So what can happen in the universe of Money Heist before this action written show ends?

It is not at all debatable whether Netflix is Money Heist has gathered a cult following with devoted fans around the world. The show has had four successful seasons and is in the midst of shooting their final installment in history. With fan excitement comes theories.

Some of these predictions are based on cliffhanger season 4 (always a good way to end a story when writers want to expand), while others are based on small details and nothing but wishful thinking.

The professor

Some fans speculate that The Professor (Álvaro Death) is forced to mislead his group, but what do you think?

Last season ended when Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) tracked down the professor and held a gun to his head. None of us are sure what the next step is. But Sierra is a very vengeful individual. She is furious at how things have gone in the robbery.

Some people think she is forcing the professor to betray her group by deliberately misleading them. On the one hand, some fans would argue that the professor would never do that. But on the other hand, everyone can be persuaded.

False pregnancy

Is Alicia taking her pregnancy? She is a mother to be, but it is also clear to us that she is almost compassionate. This character has hit fans like a psychopath, even a bully. We have seen her ruthlessly torture, interrogate and attack the gang. But it seems clear that she was caring for her husband. In addition, there have been lots of cold people who had children. Having children changes people, but not all the time.

Alicia appears to be pregnant, but she does not take any of the precautions that we see pregnant women take. She was often seen smoking, eating sweets and drinking coffee. Her unborn child has a good connection to her deceased husband, so why would she not do what she could to protect them?

And fans are no strangers to the fact that she has proven to be a master manipulator who plays with the feelings and perceptions of others. These facts do not mean that she is getting pregnant, but they certainly do not clear her name either!


Could Tokyo be the only survivor? We know Tokyo as the narrator of the story that talks about the events of the heist in the past. She may be telling, but Money Heist is an ensemble show with different characters that receive equal amount of screen time. Interestingly, Tokyo is the only one telling the story. But does it really matter?

It is clear from Tokyo’s storytelling that the assault will not end as gracefully as they hoped. People have been driven to the ominous conclusion that Tokyo was actually the only one in the group that came out alive. All the characters we have come to know and love can be slaughtered before our eyes! Is Tokyo the same as Tokyo?

The best way to find the answer to these questions is to watch the show.


Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Money Heist is already on your watchlist! Do you have any thoughts on what’s going on with Tokyo? Let us know in the comments!

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