Jessica Pimentel joins the cast of Hulu Drama Olga dies dreamily

Jessica Pimentel is ready to take part in the upcoming drama Olga dies dreamily, according to a recent report from Deadline.

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Pimentel, perhaps best known for her role as Maria Ruiz in Netflix Orange is the new black will join a cast that already has some big names including Aubrey Plaza, Ramón Rodríguez and Wanda De Jesús. Pimentel gets to play the lead role and plays Mabel Ortiz, a character with a great personality who is not afraid to let her opinion be known. “She worships her cousin Prieto (Rodríguez),” the report says, “but despite being raised as sisters, her relationship with Olga (Plaza) is now fuller.”

Olga dies dreamily tells the story of a New York brother and sister (Plaza) from a gentrifying Sunset Park, Brooklyn, who reckons with the absent, politically radical mother and their glittering career among New York City’s elite in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Plaza will reportedly portray Olga, a famous wedding planner whose surface successes cover a darker interior. For Olga, the pursuit of perfection has become a compulsive survival mechanism as she tries to crawl as far from her past as she can. Yet she cannot shake the feeling that the important people she knows do not see her as their equals, and this nagging sense that her success is an illusion always makes her want more.

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Gonzalez writes the pilot and will also perform manufacturers. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is the director and producer. 20. television produces.

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