Mimi Faust and Ty Young Spotted Dancing Intimate months after the split (exclusive video)

It is not uncommon for fans to develop strong ties to their favorite celebrity couple. So much so that if that couple ends things, fans hurt right along with them. One such pair was Love & Hip-Hop’s Mimi Faust and former WNBA player Ty Young. The couple broke hearts when the news of their split was confirmed in the spring of this year. Now, a recent video solely obtained by The Shade Room shows hope for a reconciliation between these former lovebirds.

According to our source who filmed the exclusive clip, Mimi and Ty were both present at a block party for a restaurant in Atlanta called Rock Steady. The restaurant’s official Instagram account posted a flyer listing the block festival days as Sunday, September 5th and Monday, September 6th. Our source confirmed that the intimate video was filmed at Monday’s edition of the party.

In the ten-second video, Mimi and Ty flutter their dance moves to the background music as they tumble against each other. Both ladies wore big smiles on their faces as they enjoyed this cozy moment. When Mimi gets close enough to Ty, she wraps her arm around Ty’s life. Ty responds by resting his arm on Mimi’s loins. Then the video cuts out.

At this time, we can not confirm whether the couple is back on a romantic relationship track. But the look from the exclusive video – the sparks between them do their sparkling thing.

As previously reported, the couple announced their engagement last summer. Less than a year later, they decided to share ways. In April, Mimi clarified via her “Margaritas with Mimi” Instagram segment that the relationship did not end due to cheating.

“There was no cheating in this relationship at all,” Mimi said. “It was all respect, but we just … people are growing in different directions.”

During an interview in June with Tami Roman, Mimi also revealed that their commitment was what sent things south for her.

“I think the turning point for me was the commitment … that was not what I wanted,” Mimi said. “I had expressed this to Ty, but Ty is a natural born athlete, she is a natural born winner. She’s just used to getting what she wants, and that’s what she wanted, and she pushed herself forward with what she wanted. ”

Later in the interview, Mimi was asked if she and Ty were together again. Well, it seems like her response to “life is fun” may end up being funny. In the meantime, we cross our fingers for this hunt for Black love!

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