Supergirl finds her voice and Nia finds her power

That is a little weird that this activism comes top-down from Supergirl — realistically speaking, no community development project like this would have unanimous approval — but at least in this episode, the authors know it clearly. Colorful people who actually live in that neighborhood jumped on that livestream and let Supergirl know exactly how they were doing with a blond foreigner who told them what was best for them. In the end, this discrepancy in society (and the all-white city council) was not addressed, but it seems Super girl will be staying with Orlando and Joey’s story for a while, so maybe we’ll hear more about it.

Super girl masterfully brings back one of the alien “zookeepers” from the flashback episodes. At the time, Brainy, Nia, Kara, Alex, and their high school friends took on Mitch and Naxim and eventually sent them into a DEA trap in South America. Here, the couple is divided, and one half of the criminal duo joins Nyxly, whom he captures in hopes of impressing his former compatriot so they can start the menagerie up again. She then charms herself into working with him to set a trap for Supergirl.

It should also be noted that Kelly’s journey against the Guardian remains strong and her training sequences are even stronger. It’s great to see Kelly continue to be tied to the rest of the stories, and her peers’ mood with Kara is wonderful. As you were, the dance.

As for Nia’s deal with the devil – or an imp, depending on the circumstances – it seems that Nyxly is adding more terms after that fact. The omission of her bad blood with Supergirl is expected of a character who always keeps her appointments and sticks to the letter of the law, but omits that Nia will not be able to leave the room or communicate with anyone outside of it, pushing it. Mxy never would.

Nia’s time with her mother led to some long-awaited lessons in interpreting her dreams and, more importantly, being true to herself. The vision Nia had about Maeve was harsh, and I’m glad her mother referred to it as grief. Nia lost her sister to Maeves transphobia and in addition to the pain of Maeves’ abuse, there is also the true loss of her sister to mourn, and the way Nia made herself small in the hope that it would somehow convince her sister to work through its own problems. I expect we will see some kind of reunion between the two sisters, though I’m careful – Nia has nothing to apologize for, nor is she obligated to welcome her sister back into her life.

Almost instantly, Isobel Nia told important information: Never leave a dream in fear and there are no disturbances in the area of ​​the dream because everything matters. Considering that Nia ends almost every dream by waking up stressed out, thank God she got to see her mother even though it came at a price. Hopefully, what she learned will kickstart her development even more. Nia repulsed Nyxly by using very strong force – possibly stronger than she knew she had? She certainly surprised imp. It will be interesting to see where Nia goes from here. We know from Brainy that she is far more powerful than she herself realizes, so hopefully we will see some of it soon.

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