The Matrix 4 Trailer Teasers reveal a great Morpheus mystery

Since Abdul-Mateen was cast, rumors have been circulating that he is playing a younger Morpheus, which seems to be confirmed by the teasers, but again, things may not be as they seem. Follow me down the rabbit hole …

The first shot we see in the teaser for the Abdul-Mateen character shows him staring at himself in the mirror, condensation on the glass resembling Matrix code (“digital rain”) over the mystery man’s face. He looks intently into the mirror, as if examining himself, perhaps a little surprised at his own appearance? In other teasers, we see Neo take blue pills in front of a mirror, but his reflection is not right at all – looking back on Reeves is a much older man. In yet other excerpts, we see hands reaching through mirrors, as when Neo touched the liquid glass in the first film, just before waking up in the real world.

So what’s going on here? The green hue of the scene confirms that this is Abdul-Mateen inside the simulation, so why does he look a little surprised at his remaining self-image? Is this film somehow a continuation of Neo and Trinity’s story, but also a Morpheus origin story? Is this the face of a man who has just begun to know the truth?

That does not seem to be the case.

The Matrix 4 Morpheus Neo Dojo

Once this movie is set, it may not be as important as which version of the Matrix this movie takes place in. I theorized in a previous article that The Matrix Resurrections could cover a completely different version of the simulation altogether, one where some events happen as they did in the original trilogy, but where there are also major changes. As the architect once told Neo in Matrix reloaded, Machines has created several versions of the simulation, adjusted things as needed to improve the program and make humanity more submissive. It’s an endless loop that has seen the heroes try to save Zion from the machines several times before.

We learned from the architect that one’s role is not just a prophecy, an event predicted by the Oracle, but a role designed by the machines to solve an anomaly within the program. In essence, the role of one is to reset the matrix and restart the clock until the next “last beat.” But as we know from The Matrix Revolutions, Neo and his friends found a way to change things, to save Zion from being destroyed and to give other connected people the chance to leave the simulation if they chose. Most importantly, there was finally peace.

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