Things to do in Miami: Walk the Moon at Miami Beach Pride September 19, 2021

With a listen to every Walk the Moon tune and a quick glance at the band’s lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, you can tell the guy is emitting a level of infectious creativity.

In the middle of a plus year that has deprived so many artists of their creative business, Petricca has found ways to keep going. He lives solo in Los Angeles, where his home is equipped with a studio and a small backyard. He has made the most of it, developed his skills as a producer and shaken his ass whenever he could.

“I spent most of my 2020s dancing in front of my phone to the internet,” he says New Times with a laugh. “And then I spent a lot of time making this album with the band.”

The album Petricca talks about, Heights, was halfway done going into the pandemic. The second half was almost completed by the band, and the first single, “Can You Handle My Love ??” was released in July. The entire album, the band’s fourth, is expected to drop by the end of the year.

“There is something about this new album, to me, that is reminiscent of the origins of Walk the Moon. There is something about the spirit of the album and the spirit of the new songs, ”he says. “I am excited to have a set list that spans four plates. It’s a lot of music we have to combine now, and I’m looking forward to creating that arc for our band. ”

If “Can you handle my love ??” is an indication of what is to come, prepare for contagious pop-rock euphoria with a message of self-respect and love. It’s a great addition to Walk the Moon’s past good moods, including “Shut Up and Dance”, “Anna Sun” and “One Foot”.

The Cincinnati-bred band will take its tunes on the road this fall as part of its Dream flight, which starts on September 20 in Skt. Petersburg. First, however, Walk the Moon will headline the Miami Beach Prides Pop Stage on Sunday, September 19th.

After a year-long break, Miami Beach Pride is back and shaping up to be as vibrant as ever. Pride starts on Friday 10 September, and the ten-day long affair offers art exhibitions, performances, fundraisers, parties and more, culminating in the festival and the parade 18-19. September.

Walk the Moon is scheduled to hit the Lummus Park stage around 10pm on Sunday 19 September. Additional artists throughout the festival and parade weekend include Mexican icon Paulina Rubio, DJ Tracy Young and dance music icon Crystal Waters. (Check out the full lineup of Miami Beach Pride events at

For Petricca and many others, Pride events mean more than just a day of celebration.

“For a very long time – really from the beginning of Walk the Moon – we’ve been very outgoing about personal expressions and about the importance and uniqueness of everyone,” says Petricca. “For me personally, Pride has always been such a safe place and a place where I feel so encouraged and so welcome to be everything I am – to be fully expressed. There is some real resonance within the themes of Pride that feels like the heart of Walk the Moon. ”

And for Petricca, Miami Beach Pride carries much more power and meaning.

“Last June, I came out as bisexual,” he says. “This is going to be the first big Pride event that I get to play now that I’m out. It’s exciting for me to be completely incarnated in it. I just love this holiday, this moment, and whenever I have been able to celebrate it, it has been pure joy. This will certainly not be an exception. ”

Walk the Moon at Miami Beach Pride. With Crystal Waters, Tracy Young, Guy Scheiman and others. 11 Sunday, Sept. 19 at Lummus Park, 1130 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach; There is free admission.


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