Who took home amid several rumors and upheavals about tonight’s paradise

Turned out: Week three

It is unclear whether Chris Conran coincidentally, the recipient of the ire who had already built on the beach was against Brendan Morais and Pieper James bring their own previously ignited romance to the show.

But for some reason, Merchant Joe, Riley Cooper and others decided to confront Chris after his one-on-one date with Alana Milne– but not Brendan or Pieper – as Joe / Riley and Co. expressed anger at Chris for jailing Jessenia. Chris’ co-stars remained convinced that he and Alana had a pre-show event, and perhaps Chris, who was not widely known among the Bachelor Nation, was an easier target to choose than Brendan.

A desperate Chris took a moment to chat with Alana, where he let her know he felt no choice but to leave the show. “I feel like this is where I’m leaving Paradise, and it’s bad, “he shared. I wanted to see if you were willing to come with me. ”

He then packed his things and left the beach without saying goodbye to the others.

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