Norm Macdonald leaves behind new ‘The Orville’ episodes; Seth MacFarlane mourns – Deadline

One of Norm Macdonald’s last roles was to express Lieutenant Yaphit, a recurring character on Seth MacFarlane’s hour-long rumodyssey Orville. Macdonald played Yaphit, the gelatinous, shape-shifting engineer at Orville, in the first two seasons of the series on Fox, and he is also in the upcoming third season to be streamed on Hulu, sources tell Deadline.

The behind-the-scenes photos from season 3, which wrapped up the production in August, showed a model of Yaphit being wheeled to the set and ready for action (You can see them below).

Lieutenant Yaphit on ‘The Orville’

Prior to that, Macdonald’s guest starred on MacFarlane’s hit animated series Family guy.

“For so many people in comedy, including me, there was no one more fun than Norm MacDonald,” MacFarlane wrote on Twitter after the news of Macdonald’s death Tuesday at the age of 61. “You always hoped he would hang out after work. was done just so you could hear his stories and have a laugh. So funny and so generous with his personality. I’ll miss him. “

MacFarlane also tweeted a link to a video of Macdonald’s memorable performance in 1997 with Courtney Thorne-Smith on Conan, which has become a late-night classic.

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