Bears know they need to take more shots off the field

Quarterback Andy Dalton failed to complete a single pass of more than 10 yards through the air in Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

Regardless of any ridicule from football fans at the water cooler or on social media at the Bears that it can not happen going forward. Dalton may be a prototypical “game manager” quarterback, but even a game manager must occasionally complete a pass of more than 10 yards.

Pr. NFL Next Gen stats were Dalton 0-for-2, surpassing attempts on more than 10 yards, including his interception in the first quarter. Also, according to Next Gen Stats, Dalton’s average intended air yards were 4.2 yards per game. Experiments. Of all the QBs who played in Week 1, he ranked ahead of Jalen Hurts’ 3.7 yards per game. Trial for Philadelphia.

“We were limited in that area,” Dalton said Wednesday. “We were not able to take very many chances down the field. I think if you look back, it’s something we wish we could have done a little more in that game. I think we understand what we understand is how we want to play. “

Dalton also attributed it in part to how well Ram’s defense played. When a defense has a tackle like Aaron Donald who eats up in the middle and a corner kick like Jalen Ramsey in cover, it makes life tough on any offense.

That said, Sunday night’s game was not terrible from an offensive standpoint. The Bears made up 24 first downs and found ways to keep the chains moving toward one of the best defenses in the NFL. David Montgomery and the race game were solid. The Bears went 2-on-3 in the red zone, but failed to convert on four fourth-down attempts.

All the talk in training camp was about how quickly Dalton let go of the ball. Maybe it shouldn’t come as such a surprise that it means the Bears aren’t throwing the ball that far down the field.

“We knew what we were trying to get done by just being able to get the ball out and try to get more yards after the catch rather than air yards,” said receiver Allen Robinson.

Robinson caught six passes, but none went in for more than nine yards. He finished the game with 35 receiving yards.

Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor did not think anything was changing when third-string left tackle Elijah Wilkinson entered the match due to injuries to Jason Peters and Larry Borom in front of him. From a schedule perspective, the Bears did not change anything they did.

“We moved the ball really well,” Dalton said. “When you look at what we were capable of, we had longer rides. Going back to that (Rams) defense, that’s what they make you do. I thought we did it at times. We stopped there a few times. “

The Bears totaled 322 yards in the game, which was a draw to 23rd among NFL teams in Week 1. The task ahead this week should be a little less challenging when the Cincinnati Bengals came to town. The Bengals’ defense ranked 26th in yards against last season and allowed just 403 yards against Minnesota in Week 1.

Presumably, it should provide more big-play opportunities for the Bears.

“We have the players to be able to do that,” Robinson said. “And I think when you look at the guy stories that are here and that are capable of making these plays, I mean we have it.”

As for the quarterback situation, don’t expect to see much more of rookie Justin Fields yet. Fields played five snaps in Sunday’s game, including his first career rushing touchdown.

“From the outside, looking at it, he looked like he belonged,” Lazor said. “He looked like he could succeed. Nothing was too big for him, which we did not think it would be. (It) looked like he was having fun.”

If the Bears want to take more shots down the field in the near future, it will have to come from Dalton.


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