Clayton Echard named the next bachelor! But who the hell is Clayton Echard?!?


We have a winner.

It’s just not the winner anyone or any outlet had anticipated.

Image by Clayton Echard

On Wednesday, after reports that the next bachelor’s management is coming from the ranks of suitors to compete for Michelle Young’s heart this fall at The Bachelorette, Variety confirmed the following:

Clayton Echard has landed the concert!

This seemingly reliable update comes after E! News released photos from the set with a commercial shot for next year’s bachelor season.

These photos were taken in Missouri … and Clayton Echard is from Missouri … and this site joined Variety in writing that he is almost certainly a lock for the role in 2022.

Clayton Echard Photo

Echard will be presented to viewers as a suitor in the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

However, his biography has already been published by ABC – and this is what we can check about the hopeful man:

He is a 28-year-old orthopedic sales representative who calls the city of Eureka, Missouri home.

Echard is a former college football player (like Matt James) who even signed on as an exhausted rookie with the Seattle Seahawks.

Clayton Echard Shirtless

The ex-tight end refers to himself as a “washed up athlete who is now trying his luck in orthopedic sales”, according to his Instagram bio.

Clayton Echard is also a former freelance rapper. Which is simply amazing.

We know, of course, that he’s ready to fight for Young’s heart later this year on ABC – and that he will not be chosen as her fiancé in the end.

But – Bachelorette Spoilers Alert, we’re guessing – it’s safe to assume that Echard goes pretty far, otherwise the producers would not have chosen Echard him for this job

Clayton Echard Picture

This marks a first for the franchise.

Never before has the network broadcast two seasons of The Bachelorette in a calendar year; and as a result we have never known it before in front of of the premiere, exactly which participant would have called the brand new Bachelor.

To be clear, neither ABC nor Warner Bros. have confirmed this Clayton Echard.

Dog movies is complete for Young and we feel extremely confident in this report.

Clayton Echard in his kitchen

Prior to this bachelor bomb, there was talk that Greg Grippo would be looking for a wife on national television in 2022.

This, despite Grippo burning to Katie Thurston and making a selfish fool out of herself towards the end of the previous bachelorette season by shouting and screaming and then just quitting.

There had also been informal voices on social media for former contestants Andrew Spencer and Michael Allio.

Heck, Tyler Cameron is now single and many fans were hoping to see him again on their small screen.

Before settling on Echard, sources tell Variety that the network had met other suitors from Thurston’s season and also the stream of Bachelor in Paradise.

The future star, meanwhile, loves the outdoors and training and explains via his LinkedIn cinema:

“When I am not spending time in OR, working on my MBA and / or coaching, I enjoy hiking and biking on the nature trails around the Columbia area.

“I make it my duty to emphasize a healthy lifestyle, which is why I exercise every day and am in the process of learning how to make healthy meals that also surprisingly have flavors!”

Clayton Echard on a hike

Finally have two brothers … and one lived appearance body!

Check out photos of Clayton Echard above, then sound from:

What do you think of the next bachelor?

Did ABC hit a home run? Or, to be more precise in this case, did it score a touchdown?

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