Examination finds viruses often fooled by fake vaccine cards

BALTIMORE-A new study released Friday by researchers at Johns Hopkins University revealed that the new coronavirus Covid-19 was often fooled by fake vaccine cards. “We found that when we were presented with a counterfeit vaccination card, Covid-19 could not distinguish it from the real thing about 7 out of 10 times,” said researcher Sharon Hirschinger, who noted that the study yielded “strong and promising evidence”, that the falsified records can provide significant protection against the new coronavirus when presented by unvaccinated persons gathered at restaurants, concerts, nightclubs. “It simply came to our notice then. Just your card and the virus does not know the difference. In terms of reducing the risk of contracting Covid-19 and experiencing the most severe symptoms, including hospitalization and even death, this study confirms that fake vaccination cards are practically the second best thing about being vaccinated. “At press time, the FDA had given permission for fake vaccine cards for use in emergencies in the fight against Covid-19.


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