Tucker Carlson announces that he’s putting his life on the line by launching booster for Covid vaccine investigation

WASHINGTON-In an attempt to dare to pry where the mainstream media would not, Tucker Carlson announced Thursday that he would risk his life by getting a boost shot for a Fox News study of the Covid-19 vaccine. “God only knows what will happen to me when I take this shot, and therefore I have selflessly volunteered to be one of the first to receive it,” said Carlson, who informed Tucker Carlson tonight viewers that they would be the first to know if he was injured or even killed in his attempt to secure his third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and seriously explained that he was doing tireless research into booking a boost shot for so soon as possible before he lost his nerve. ‚ÄúRemember, if you hear of a clinic or pharmacy offering covid-19 booster shots, do not take it; call the show instead and I will be there to ask the tough questions like: ‘Am I eligible?’ and ‘May I have it?’ “During the press conference, Carlson called for an examination of the nurse at his doctor’s office, who told him that he still had to wait a few weeks for the CDC’s approval, just like everyone else.


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