Dyson is just completely made over its hair tools

Just when we thought Dyson could do nothing better than his iconic hair tools, the brand showed us wrong. Today they launched a dreamy new color combination with its hair dryer, straightener and curling iron and we are ready to buy them each.

The Prussian blue and copper tools are everything you could want in a hair appliance. They look great enough to appear on top of your bathroom sink or front-and-center in your closets, plus they serve as an absolute charm.

If you are not familiar with Dyson’s hair products, here is a quick overview of them all: They are known to be the best. Period. Almost every celebrity hairdresser uses them, and with good reason. The hot tools use the power of heated airflow to style and dry your hair at once – and with minor damage. Because they use such advanced technology, I will give it to you directly. They are expensive AF. But the majority of these tools have multiple uses. For example, its Airwrap curling tool comes with as many as six attachments, and its Supersonic hair dryer now has a smoothing unit that can prevent stubborn flights and frizz.

Basically, they give you salon-quality hair without having to take a trip out to the salon and without having to exert a lot of effort even during the entire styling process. Below you can shop the latest Dyson hair tool collection before it sells out (and we’m sure). They are the perfect early holiday gifts for you from you.

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Dyson Corale Straightener.

Greetings: Dyson.

Dyson Corrale Straightener

Welcome to 2021. In this fine year, we do not need strings. They are useless and tacky and suck to unfold. With this straightener you can avoid all the irritation and give your locks a well-deserved break. It flattens and straightens by contouring to the shape of your hair to gently smooth everything out. This way you use less heat and get less breakage.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Greetings: Dyson.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Do you know how it is so difficult to achieve bouncy and blonde hair when using a hair dryer on yourself at home? This hair dryer basically ensures that you get beautiful locks every time it is used. And by buying one of these dryers you also get a flyveway, styling, diffuser, comb and gentle air equipment. Each of these helps you achieve a number of looks, from curly to pin-straight.

Dyson Airwrap

Greetings: Dyson.

Dyson Airwrap Styler

This is your sign to stop spending money on these blow-out sites and invest them in the device that gives you just as beautiful curls with just as little power on your end. The Airwrap styler handles all the heavy stuff for you. It literally wraps your hair around itself (in a gentle way) to create the ideal blowout look. One caveat: If you buy this, you will get an absurd amount of inquiries about where you got your hair blown out. You get so many of these questions that you might start to think that you yourself are a professional stylist. Go ahead and live that alter ego.

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