Should I have tried to save this little boy?

Dear Amy: Recently, I lived in a RV park in a suburban area. The occupants of the house behind my motorhome have what I believe is a day care center.

Amy Dickinson

One day I heard a lot of shouting and: “Sit on the porch until I tell you to come in !,” followed by the door slamming.

So for the next four hours I heard a little boy crying, whining and yowling.

It was awful and painful to witness. I was really lost for what I had to do.

At the fourth hour, I called the State Department of Children’s Services. Shortly after, the child was screaming at something more and then brought inside.

I heard nothing else the rest of the day.

I went early the next morning and felt like I had let down that poor child. I have since been plagued by guilt.


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