Unvaccinated mother will know if you come home for Covid this year

ST. LOUIS – says she can not do it againmember last time you visited during a deadly wave of the highly contagious virus, local unvaccinated mother Carol Napier asked on Wednesday if you were planning to come home for Covid this year. “It would just be nice to have the whole family here so we could be together on a debilitating respiratory disease,” said Napier, who reportedly ignored her doctor’s urgent recommendations to take the vaccine and wear a mask, adding that she would love it if you came home for a good long battle over the disease that currently kills 2,000 Americans a day. “I know you’re in a hurry, but if you and your siblings could take the trip and be a part of the deadly pandemic that is ravaging all 50 states, it would be wonderful. Grandma is going to be here, and contracting this disease together may be the last time we get to see her. “Napier added that of course it was up to you, but to let her know what you decided so she could make sure there were enough ICU beds for everyone.


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