Scattered rain tonight, sunshine returns Sunday – Boston News, Weather, Sports

The same front that brought wet weather Friday is still around tonight. A low pressure system will run up the stationary front and bring more widespread and heavier rain after midnight tonight. These rain showers are expected to last from 2-6 Sunday to Sunday, with just a few lingering showers around near the coast as we get closer to 7-8.

There may be lingering showers when detecting progression to breast cancer, but it is mostly dry when the race starts. The sky clears quickly and we get sunshine in the middle of the morning. The temperatures start in the low 60s and then we jump into the low 70s at noon. Heights reach the mid-70s and the rest of the day is light.

Monday starts cool and sunny with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. It will be partly sunny in the afternoon and there may be a shower. It will feel comfortable and heights reach down to the low 70s. Tuesday looks to get a few showers with heights near 70ยบ.

It will feel comfortable Sunday – Tuesday, and then moving sharp, dry air on Wednesday. The dry air will probably stick for the rest of the week.

Wednesday-Saturday feels autumn-like with morning temperatures in the upper 40s and highs in the afternoon in the low and mid 60s.

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