Erin’s Death Scene Explained by Kate Siegel

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the finale of Midnight Mass.]As if poor Erin (Kate Siegel) had not been sufficiently advanced to the events of Midnight Mass and throughout the series, she gets one of the most brutal death scenes in the herd.

Having been inspired to act when she realizes what’s going on in St. Patrick’s in episode 6, Erin collaborates with Sarah (Annabeth Gish) and Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli) to put an end to Pruitt-turned-Bev’s plan and to ensure that those who have turned never get out of Crockett Island. Just before she is able to burn the reception down, Erin is carried by the “angel” who continues to eat her alive. Although Erin is on the brink of death, however, he recognizes an opportunity and uses his last moments to puncture the angel’s wings so that it cannot fly to the mainland.

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While it’s on Collider Ladies Night, Siegel took some time to break down exactly what was required of her to bring this moment to the screen. She started:

β€œIt was shot on a few different days, so when the angel takes me and drops me in the cemetery, it was shot on the spot. I swear to god I had a whole plan. I had the best plan. I wanted to do these things I had anticipated physically and then Quinton [Boisclair] shows up in that suit and he’s awesome to look at because it was real and he had the wings at the time and he was covered in blood I had wounded on the neck and the other thing that man started holding me down, I went crazy. Nothing I had planned came true because all I could think about was, ‘Get off me, get off me, get off me, get off me,’ and it was really scary and triggered light. ”

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In my question I had mentioned the sensual nature of the angelic attack on Erin and Siegel elaborated on this point:

“I’m glad you picked it up because it’s a little sensual, because it all felt like a violation. And I’m talking a little bit about the word rape, but it all felt like a violation, and at one point Erin relaxes. You see it and she realizes the possibility she has and I thought a lot about the Talmudic character Lilith who is before Eve and she would not lie on the back of a man and so God kicked her out of the crazy garden and she became a night walker. Believe me, the Bible is just vampires. There are vampires all the way down. [Laughs] But I thought about it, and the moment she pulled him in, received him, and took responsibility for her trauma, I thought was extremely important. ”

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Cast of midnight mass
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Siegel also noted that Erin, who drew in the angel, was a manuscript, and discussed where she drew inspiration from to find Erin’s strength in that moment:

“I was like, I do not know how anyone who is eaten alive has the means or the strength to do so. And the only thing I could think of is that the women I know who have been assaulted are the strongest women I know, and they are the ones with the deepest reservoirs of strength because they’ve been to hell, and they have come back and I think of Erin that way as someone who has it even though I could not imagine having that strength. ”

Looking forward to hearing more from Siegel about her experience in making Midnight Mass? Be sure to check out our full uncut Collider Ladies Night podcast talk below. Siegel also dug into the boat scene with Erin and Riley (Zach Gilford), how Midnight Mass evolved from book to Netflix series and revisited the first time she met Mike Flanagan.

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