5 reasons why you should smile more often

Have you ever found yourself in a tense or uncomfortable situation where everything you think about sounds too lame or stupid to say? We are sure that there must be more such situations. What are you doing? Try to find excuses to leave, or just walk away? Of course, why not? That’s the easiest thing to do. But have you ever thought about smiling and letting your smile speak? Not really, right?

Smile is a human being’s most powerful tool. It is strong enough to melt even the hardest of hearts, and yet delicate enough to never cause harm unless done in a sarcastic way. Even the therapists suggest that one should smile as often as possible to keep the mood high and the mood uplifted.

Here we list 5 reasons that will convince you to smile more often and more often than ever.

It’s a magic wand to solve problems

If this is the situation or the person you are getting negative vibes from and walking away is not an option, try smiling at him / her and pair this with a compliment. No matter how rude the person is, there are high chances that your sweet gesture will spread its magic and make them feel a little embarrassed about the way they behaved. Even if it does not, you will be able to successfully sail through that special moment.

It’s a stress buster

You are in a meeting room with your boss and colleagues. There are some serious conversations going on, and then there is a deafening silence in the room. No one knows what to do now. Take initiative, smile and say something. Whether it’s a joke you want to crack, or a compliment you want to give to someone, or if it’s just a suggestion for the next business move, smiles will ease the situation, not just for you, but for everyone in the room. Why do you ask? Because smiles help the brain release endorphins, which are the stress-buster hormones.

It is a universal language

Imagine yourself in a foreign country and around people speaking a foreign language. What do you want to do? Just smile to people. Your smile will speak for you. Whether it’s a help you’re looking for or you just do not want to look suspicious enough, your smile will spread the message to you. And not to mention, it is a symbol of peace and love.

It kills negativity

Sometimes crying is the easiest solution to take when you are stressed, exhausted, tense or upset. However, the power of the smile is such that it can melt all the negative emotions and fill you with positivity, gradually but surely. Although it may sound unrealistic to you and you may even ask how to smile in a tough situation, but all we want to say is just try at least once and see for yourself. It may be difficult, but it is the only viable solution to certain situations and problems.

It is a magic pill to increase confidence

If you ever find yourself out of self-confidence or with low self-esteem, smile to yourself and say ‘I have it here’. If it’s you who says, ‘I can not. This is not my cup of tea ‘. Try a fake smile. Yes, you read that right. Even a fake smile can fool your brain and lift your spirits. Just swallow this magic pill of a fake smile, and see the results for yourself.

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