Valerie Bertinelli shows skin irritation after vampire facial – a ‘little redder than last time’

Valerie Bertinelli vampire facial

Valerie Bertinelli vampire facial

Valerie Bertinelli / instagram

Valerie Bertinelli gets honest about the aftermath of her most recent spa day.

The 61-year-old Food Network star recently shared an update on her Instagram Story about getting her second vampire facial, where authorized professionals draw blood from clients and inject it back into their faces to refresh the skin’s appearance, fight wrinkles and improve it general texture.

“I just had my second vampire in my face. It’s a little redder than last time. It feels like a really real sunburn,” Bertinelli said.

“Hurt your face because it kills me,” she added with a laugh. “Ohh vanity.”

Bertinelli shared last month that she got her first vampire facial from iSkin Med Spa. The plant also shared her update on social media, citing some of the benefits of the treatment such as increased collagen production, reduced wrinkles and more.

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Bertinelli is not the first celebrity to speak out about getting the skin care treatment. Vampire facials became trendy after celebrities like Kim Kardashian proudly showed off their blood-covered faces during the procedure.

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According to the medical aesthetic expert in New Jersey Dr. William Song, who specializes in treatment, is great for reducing wrinkles along with smoothing skin tone.

“Microneedling creates a very controlled trauma to the skin surface, which lures the body to start the healing cascade,” he previously told PeopleStyle about the process. “When we use concentrated platelets [often mixed with blood] to the surface after the microneedle, the platelets penetrate the skin through the small channels created by the needles, amplifying the signal that tells the skin to heal. This is a great treatment to reduce fine lines, large pores, uneven pigment and general health of the skin. “

Valerie Bertinelli vampire facial

Valerie Bertinelli vampire facial

Valerie Bertinelli / instagram

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Dr. Andrew Ordon, cosmetic surgeon and co-host of The doctors operating and maintaining two medications as an extension of its surgical practice in Beverly Hills and Palm Desert, CA, in 2019 told people to vampire facials or injections as long as people are careful when testing new facilities.

“They can be completely safe if performed by a licensed GP in a sterile environment,” he said. “Be a conscientious consumer. Check the environment, ask about the spa’s sterilization process and how they dispose of their needles and other medical waste.”

And if anything, Ordon added that it’s not worth the risk.

“All treatments that break the skin carry the chance of infection and you need to be more vigilant,” he said at the time. “I do not want to ruin anyone’s spa day, but when you travel, or if you are in doubt about the company’s cleanliness or reputation, it may be better to stick to a massage.”

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