Monochrome Outfits Trend: See Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s OOTDs

It is certainly not unusual to see a celebrity dressed in black for head. It is also the norm to see an influencer bend over on Gram in neutral toilets. But all-over hot pink? A full fiery red ‘fit? Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are proof of this season’s monochrome outfit trend – and apparently, the brighter the better.

To be honest, this makes a lot of sense. According to pretty much every runway, saturated brights are this season’s biggest trend, a perfect chance to dodge boring pastels but not go full-on rave mode with neons. Vivid green, blues, pink and purple have been everywhere this season! But while many choose tonal looks in multiple shades to weave these colors in, some choose monochrome madness from top to toe.

And by some I mean Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. The former wore a full pink Balenciaga look while out in New York City preparing for her SNL host game and literally looked like a superhero. Or maybe the pink Power Ranger?

STYLECASTER |  Monochrome outfits trend

The Mega Agency.

Kardashian’s Balenciaga look included a blazer dress with super-structured pointed shoulders, thigh-high shiny pink boots and a silver hourglass bag, styled with chunky silver earrings and black sunnies. I could totally imagine that she had the exact same thing in black in all eras in her ever-changing personal style, but the pink one feels like a big shift. And I love it!

Of course, Kardashian has been a little more daring with her looks since all the relationship drama that went on between her and perhaps still husband Kanye West. Many thought Kim changed her style after controlling her image for so long, but now that it looks like they’re still together, it’s safe to say she’s calling the shots. Maybe she just wanted to change things up!

Over at ‘Gram, her little sister Kylie served a similar but different vibe where her monochrome color was bright red.

Don’t lie, she looks like a superhero too! Or maybe it’s the start of a diabolical Halloween costume? Jenner posed in a Richard Quinn piece that included gloves on sleeves and heels. The designer showed plenty of saturated monochrome looks with full coverage on his SS22 track, so it’s no surprise that Jenner noticed and wanted one himself.

STYLECASTER |  Monochrome outfits trend

Richard Quinn / iMaxTree.

On top of the jumpsuit, Jenner wore a long red coat with textured shoulders that reminded me of Kardashian’s pink OOTD. And if you iron out the third slide in her post, I swear to God she’s carrying a Vera Bradley bag. I know she probably is not, and it’s Balenciaga (the silhouette gives it away), but I’m going to be cursed if it does not look like one.

Kardashian and Jenner are never boring dressers, but these are certainly some of their brightest looks to date. And as I said, they only confirm the fact that monochrome saturated lights are important this season! As much as you might prefer to play it safe with completely black or neutral, I encourage you to branch out and play with color in the name of a good Kardashian-approved OOTD. Just pick your favorite color and go!

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