Ted Lasso Season 2 Summary

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Ted Lasso Season 2 Summary

Season 2 finale of Ted Lasso dropped a few hours ago on Apple TV +

[Spoiler (click to open)]
– Keeley got a chance to run his own PR company and leaves Richmond
– Richmond ties their last match and is promoted back to the Premier League
– Sam decides not to leave Richmond
– Nate blows up on Ted and calls him a fucking joke, among other things. The last shot of the episode (reported two months later) is Nate coaching the team Rebecca’s husband bought.
– Also in the section when Keeley tells Roy that Vanity Fair did not use any of his photos in their article about her. He wonders if she is better off without him in this new phase of her life. At the end of the episode (stated some time after Richmond’s last fight) Roy Keeley surprises with plane tickets for a 6 week vacation, but she says she can not go because of her new job, but he should do without her. He asks her if they are going apart but she assures him that they are fine and she will see him in 6 weeks. But it is clear that cracks appear in this relationship



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