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Remember the bright and vibrant suburb we saw in Tim Burtonis a classic movie Edward scissor hands? Well, a lot has changed in this area since the movie was made. When I was in Florida a few years ago, I took the time to check out the little area, and boy oh boy … it was definitely changed! It was unrecognizable. There were a few homes that kept the bright pastel paint jobs from the film, but for the most part, the trees have all grown and it is now unrecognizable.

Well, since the time I went there, that was the most important thing Edward scissor hands house on the block has got some new owners and they made the house a museum for the movie. The current residents are Joey and Sharon Licalzi, and they bought the house in 2020 for $ 230,000 outside of Tampa, Florida.

They call the house museum Scissorland and it is 100% free for fans to visit if they are in the area. The owners of the house are trying to collect memorabilia from the film and have managed to put together a large collection of collectibles, including a Edward scissor hands t-shirt that was given as a gift to everyone in the neighborhood after the footage was wrapped.

Licalzi said in an interview with the WFLA: “People are crying. Well, I mean, our FedEx guy was crying in the garden. We’ve had a father and a daughter. [shaking] in the kitchen. I’m telling you, it’s really bizarre. “

To visit the house, just send messages to the homeowners on Instagram to book an appointment.

Below you will find some photos from when I visited, photos from the movie and some of the Instagram posts from the museum.

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