Hitmen Season 2 Trailer sees Mel & Sue back as disastrous contract killers

Mel and Sue are back on it and this time with more blood, drama and comedy in the first trailer for Hitmen Season 2, with the title Hitmen: Reloaded, which will be available at Peacock from October 28th. The duo that first entered the hearts of America in the best years (2010-2016) of The Great British Bakeoff (seriously, the show will never be the same without them, I’m still not over their departure 5 years later) one swampy bottom at a time, thrilled both audiences and critics with their debut in the silly but serious first season of Hitmen sent in March 2020.

The show tells the story of two friends, Jamie (Mel Giedroyc) and Fran (Sue Perkins), who are alone in the world except for the seemingly unbreakable bonds in their friendship. Only two girls live the normal life, except that they live by killing people. Under the leadership of their boss, the ominous Mr. K, the team travels around in a modest (on the outside at least) van and kidnaps their target. Each episode follows the couple as they are given a new task and the comic shenanigans that come along the way.

The trailer for season 2 picks up with Jamie and Fran in an empty pool that is about to commit their “last hit.” Distracted by the feeling at this moment, the duo almost let their goals slip easily as they start to walk away. time, Fran realizes the almost mistake and pulls the trigger on the hit. The rest of the trailer is non-stop action as we watch the women perform their jobs in different places, including what appears to be some sort of high school association or perhaps an 80s themed dance party? Can’t wait to find one. All of this action — along with high-speed car chases, dueling with targets, and other armies, the couple hiding or getting caught in a coffin and another look at the mysterious 80s-themed event — shows us that this season has to be another rib-laughter party with comically dark undertones.

Picture via peacock

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Cast along Perkins and Giedroyc, to really pull the ensemble together, is Jason Watkins (McDonald & Dodds, From), Sian Clifford (Flea bag, Two weeks to live), and Asim Chaudhry (People just do nothing). Judging by the trailer, as you can see below, this season looks nothing short of comic genius as we watch the team perform not only their hits, but also their perfectly timed jokes.

Hitmen: Reloaded is created by Joe Markham and Joe Parham. Arnold Widdowson, Siobhan Bachman, Tilusha Ghelani act as executive producers, and Ali Bryer Carron produces. The series was directed by David Sant and written by Markham, Parham, Fay Rusling, Oriane Messina, and Jessica Knappett. The show is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions in collaboration with Sky Studios.

Season 2 of Hitmen streaming begins Thursday, Oct. 28 with all six episodes available at once on Peacock. Watch the trailer and poster below:

hitmen-season-2 poster

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