Jana Duggar comforts herself in the girls’ weekend after a split from Stephen Wissmann

There are not many collapses in the sad, island world inhabited by Duggars.

Divorce is punished with exile, and couples who start courtship end up getting married in the vast majority of cases.

In fact, until recently, the only documented case of a Duggar courtship not working was Josiah Duggar’s breakup with Marjorie Jackson.

Now Josiah finally has some company in the failed romance department, as Jana Duggar is broken up with Stephen Wissmann.

Jana Duggar voted!

As you may have heard, Jana and Stephen started jumping sometime late last year, and for a while, it looked like they were heading for marriage.

Fans have rooted for 31-year-old Jana to get married and leave the nest for a better part of a decade, so the news was received with tremendous enthusiasm.

(Unfortunately, Duggar women are not allowed to leave the house unless they are stuck.)

Jana Duggar turns blonde

It was a long-distance relationship — Stephen is a businessman and amateur pilot in Nebraska, and fans reasoned that was why the courtship took so long.

Alas, in the end, these two decided to go their separate ways, and Jana will remain on the infamous Duggar connection for the foreseeable future.

It’s a hard blow, but she seems to be handling the situation as well as one might expect.

Jana Dews on a sofa

And we imagine that it is largely due to the fact that she has received great support from her sisters.

Jana joined Jessa, Joy-Anna and their children on a quaint fall theme this week.

According to British tabloid The Sun, the group enjoyed petting barn animals and picking some seasonal pumpkins on a pumpkin patch.

Jana, Jessa, Joy, Kids

The women documented the occasion on their Instagram Stories, but none of them mentioned Jana’s single status.

No surprise there, as the relationship between Jana and Stephen was carried out in complete secrecy.

Yes, Duggars is a very, very private bunch these days, as they all hope to steer clear of scandal following Josh Duggars’ arrest of child pornography charges.

Jana, Joy

This means that they do not share nearly as much information about their personal lives as they usually do.

Jana and Stephen never officially announced their breakup, but it makes sense since they also never officially announced their relationship.

Duggars previously announced new courtships from the nearest rooftop terrace, but that custom is long gone along with the family’s traditional reality TV star.

Jana Duggar at Magnolia In Waco

The duty of confidentiality is such that Jed Duggar’s courtship with Katey Nakatsu was not made public until after the couple was married.

But on the bright side, Jana is probably enjoying her privacy these days, as it means she will not be forced to struggle with a million questions about what went wrong or whether she plans to remain single forever.

Breakups are tough anyway, and Janas gets even harder because it’s her first, and she’s dealing with it while the world learns that her brother is an even bigger predator than we thought.

We wish Jana all the best in this difficult time.

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