Joe Pera Talks With You’s third season arrives in November

Hi, his name is Joe Pera

Hi, his name is Joe Pera
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TV’s healthiest show returns for its third season on November 7th. No not Ted Lasso, come on. We are talking about Joe Pera is talking to you.

It was previously announced that the upcoming season would arriving in the fall, and now Pera has given us the actual premiere date with a video that feels true to the show.

In the clip to has the comedian sitting at a bar holding an arrow, he say, “Hi, my name is Joe Pera. I just wanted to tell you that my show is coming back on November 7th. Hope to see you there. “He then throws the arrow at the dartboard and looks worn out when he misses.

In a press release, he teases the first episode of the Adult Swim show next season and says: “The first episode follows me as I help my friend Gene choose his retirement chair in the furniture store and the long season for the perfect place to sit goes from there . Aside from figuring out where to sit, episodes this season also cover a lot of other things, such as the Great Lakes Ice Breakers, other refrigerators, cooking fish in the woods, movies that fit the class, and drone wars. “

For those who are not consecrated to the wonders of Joe Pera is talking to you, that the series features Pera, who plays a fictionalized version of herself, who is a middle school choir teacher living in a small town in Michigan. Each episode focuses on an everyday topic, such as breakfast, sleep or prayers, but even the simplest themes can bring heartfelt moments into the show’s 11-minute exciting episode. Pera’s voice also has an ASMR style calming effect as he breaks the fourth wall directly and walks the viewer through his everyday life.

Ahead of the show’s third season, Brooklyn fans can also enjoy the return of Dan Joe DVD Show on October 26, a weekly stand-up show hosted by Pera and Dan Licata at The Bell House, which often features guests such as Peras’ Adult Swim co-stars Jo Firestone and Conner O’Malley and plenty of other great comics.

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