Kristin Cavallari says she ‘is not currently dating anyone’ after being linked to Chase Rice

(Screenshot: Kristin Cavallari via Instagram)

Kristin Cavallari’s love life has since been a hot topic Laguna Strand in between — and it stays that way. (Screenshot: Kristin Cavallari via Instagram)

Kristin Cavallari knows there are questions about her love life in the time after Jay Cutler — and she has answers.

While recharging in her happy place – Cabo San Lucas – the unusual James founder, 34, referred to some of her fans by answering “the most asked” questions about her personal life in an Instagram Q&A.

That Very Cavallari headliner gave a resounding “YES” to whether she will remarry after parting ways with the former footballer in April 2020.

“I know I will,” she replied. “I’m not in a hurry at all. I’m really enjoying being alone right now. I’ve done the job I’ve had to do in the last year and a half, and I’m finally getting to a place that could potentially be ready for a relationship. but not quite yet. ”

That said, The hills and Laguna Strand alun she said is dating.

“In a general sense, yes, I have been,” she replied. “However, no one is serious – I just had fun. I did not want a boyfriend. But I’m not currently dating anyone, “which may be news to country singer Chase Rice, with whom she has been linked since August.

Cavallari expressed his annoyance that: “Every time I look at a guy, it turns into news. I think it’s a good thing people give a sh * t? !!!”

She added: “I promise, when I’m with someone worth talking about, I’ll be the first to post a photo.”

The reality star also admitted that when she finds her real match, she is not sure she will have more children.

“I do not necessarily want more children,” she wrote, noting, “my life feels very full – and busy! – with my 3” with Cutler. “But if I met someone who had no children, I would consider it.”

She said, now a year plus away from her split: “I feel light and free and like to be back to my old bubbling self. Of course I have hard days, sad moments, but overall, yes. I have to a place with a desire to experience everything: the good, the bad, the ugly … I think it’s all part of our journey and that everything happens for a reason. “

Cavallari was first linked with comedian Jeff Dye last year, but things fizzled out. In August, it was reported that she was dating Rice, but it seems to be over as well.

An entire side show to this has been Cutler’s love life. First there was the Tomi Lahren gossip, the Madison LeCroy situation and – tops – were his short things with Jana Kramer.

Cavallari had been kind enough to Kramer that she followed her on Instagram, but did not follow the Cutler news. However, Cutler and Kramer are already done, proving that Cavallari is not the only one playing the dating game.

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