Natalie Morales debuts as host of ‘The Talk’: ‘It’s like the first day of school’

By Aynslee Darmon.

7 seconds ago

Natalie Morales is the official co-host of Global’s The Talk.

On Monday, the former NBC journalist and “Today” host joined her new co-hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots and Jerry O’Connell for the first time since last week’s announcement.

After starring in a “CSI,” “Bond,” and “Squid Game” parody, Morales joined “The Fat Kids Table.”

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“It’s like the first day of school, I’m the new kid in school, and I know who not to hang out with,” Morales said in Monday’s episode. “This is amazing. But I hang out with the coolest kids up here. You guys have just been amazing since the day this was announced. And I’ve never done this before a study audience, this energy is unreal.”

O’Connell joined in and teased, “Everyone, let’s welcome you to the fat children’s table.”

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Photo: Sonja Flemming / CBS © 2021
Photo: Sonja Flemming / CBS © 2021
Photo: Sonja Flemming / CBS © 2021
Photo: Sonja Flemming / CBS © 2021

On his intro video poof, Morales said: “I loved shooting it and hated the whole crew here who shot it with us last week, really incredible. They made it so easy for us. And thank goodness Akbar there with the rescue in the end. ”

“The Talk” is broadcast weekdays at 14.00 ET / PT at Global.


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