Tom Schwartz gets backlash for post call to Katie Non-Mom, admits the comment was “not” good

Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz faces backlash after focusing on Katie Maloney as a non-mother, admitting his comment was "Does not" well

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Tom Schwartz faces backlash on Instagram after commenting on his wife Katie Maloneymissing a child.

While spending time with Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent, who both share daughters with partners Beau Clark and Randall Emmett, that Water pump rules cast member asked Katie as he briefly tried to have a child with last year where her baby was.

“I said, ‘Bub where’s yours?’ She said [expressionless emoji], ”Schwartz wrote in the caption on his October 10 photo, apparently confirming that Katie was tired of or annoyed by the question.

water pump rules tom schwartz asks katie maloney where her baby is

As soon as Schwartz’s post was shared, Pump rules cast member was inundated with critical comments. One of the comments came from Christian doubtgirlfriend, Alex Menache, who immediately knew that Schwartz’s caption would not go over well.

“Narrator: ‘It was at this moment that Thomas knew he had fcked,'” Alex wrote.

“Waiting for him to change the caption. In 3… 2… 1… ”shared another person.

“Wow .. it’s rude to say to her!” said a third Instagram user.

Others said comments like these were “super insensitive” to those struggling to conceive.

“Read the room, Tom,” he added Real Moms of Bravo.

After having some time to think about what he had written and reading the comment from the Bravo fan page, Schwartz admitted that what he wrote on his social media page was not “good”.

“Upon closer reflection, this was not a good caption,” he said.

water pump rules tom schwartz admits he should not have focused on katie maloney for not having a baby

Katie and Tom, who got married in August 2016 and July 2019, have been discussing their baby plans for years, and Katie said in August last year that she had downloaded a fertility app. In April of this year, however, after considering a “quarantine baby,” Katie said she had a different thought.

“I do not know if I would like to run and get pregnant right away. I think I might want to travel and experience a little bit of post-COVID life, ”she revealed to Bravo Insider.

“We want to start a family for a while in the next few years. First we have to get our feet back on the ground, get a routine and a rhythm back and make our professional mojo flow again, ”Tom explained. “So many friends in our lives have given birth or are about to give birth, and that’s a beautiful thing. We celebrate their newfound parenthood and anticipate our sometime in the next few years. ”

“Few years? Probably the next few years,” Katie added.

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