Watch: Awkward dark comedy Briefly about ‘The story of the nipples’

Watch: Awkward dark comedy Briefly about ‘The story of the nipples’

by Alex Billington
October 11, 2021
Source: Youtube

The story of nipples short film

“They knew the nipples were to blame …” Why do men have nipples, what are they used for? It is a question that has plagued humanity for centuries. The history of nipples is a strange, awkward dark comedy, made briefly by filmmakers Bailey Tom Bailey. It premiered at festivals in 2019 and came online last year, but we are only catching up now. A perfect intro from Short of the Week: “At some point in our lives, we’ve probably all looked in the mirror and thought ‘why?’. not so much ‘why do they look like that’, but more ‘why are they even there?’ He has become obsessed with his nipples and this new fascination is going to lead him on a dark journey to self-reflection and existentialism. “They short stars Joseph Macnab and Lily Wood, with Ronan Cullen, Vile Loikkanen, and Travis Booth-Millard. If you need a good laugh, look into it.

The history of nipples

Thanks to Short of the Week for the tip on this one. Description via YouTube: “‘What are my nipples for?’ Ron asks after reading about a Celtic fertility ritual and falls into a personal crisis with a drastic solution. ” The history of nipples is a short comedy, both written and directed by the London-based filmmaker Bailey Tom Bailey – you can see more of his work on Vimeo or visit his official website or follow him on Instagram. (He also recently called for a lockdown Dead father.) Produced by Callum Harrison and Aaron Z. Willson. Featuring films by Spike Morris and music by Stefano Fasce. Bailey’s inspiration: “The first idea for the film’s concept came to Bailey after he visited an exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Dublin and learned all about an ancient Celtic ritual that involved sucking a king’s nipples to produce fertility and prosperity for land. . ” For more information, visit SOTW or his website. To see more shorts, click here. What do you say?

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