Unclear what strict Entrée drew to Nab Helside’s image in the menu

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GORHAM, ME-Telling their suspicion that backroom deals were cut at the local restaurant, patrons at Blue Pig Diner told reporters Tuesday that it was unclear to them what threads the Caesar salad wrap had pulled to pick up a full page color image in the menu. “There’s no way the wrap came on there all by itself,” said regular customer Beth Andino, assuming there must be some crime at play, considering that there were several other dishes, e.g. the southwestern fajitas and the Greek dish that seemed far more deserving of the place than the completely unimpressive sandwich alternative. “It must have one in with the leader or an important one. How else does a salad paper get that kind of treatment? Pulled pork sandwich would make a far more appealing image, but it just gets a small image on the back, facing the kids menu. Even a panini with its grill marks would be more photogenic. But I guess none of these entrances had the right connections. Andino wondered about the tasteless nature of the event, noting that the Caesar cover comes with a homemade dressing, which the restaurant “just happens” to sell up front.


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