Evelo Biosciences Presents Preclinical Data for EDP1867 at 37th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS)

Data suggest that SINTAX drugs may overcome blood-brain barrier limitations for anti-inflammatory drug delivery
–EDP1867 reduced the severity of the disease and the incidence of relapses in the murine model of multiple sclerosis–
–Data supports the development of EDP1867 for the treatment of neuroinflammatory diseases–

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., October 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Evelo Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: EVLO), a clinical phase biotechnology company developing SINTAX drugs as a new method for orally delivered treatments for inflammatory disease, today submitted preclinical data for EDP1867, a non-living pharmaceutical preparation of a single strain of Veillonella parvula, by ECTRIMS 2021, 13.-15. October, 2021. The data show that orally administered EDP1867 reduced the severity of the disease and the incidence of relapse in relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) mouse models of multiple sclerosis (MS), supporting the development of EDP1867 for the treatment of neuroinflammatory diseases.

“These data suggest that the small intestine, SINTAX, is an immune signaling portal for the central nervous system (CNS) that opens up a whole new pathway for the treatment of neuroinflammation,” said Mark Bodmer, PhD, President of R&D and Scientific Director of Evelo. “This striking observation shows that an orally delivered, intestinal-restricted SINTAX drug overcomes blood-brain barrier drug delivery limitations by utilizing the immunosensory connections between the small intestine and the CNS. This result complements our growing evidence in clinical and preclinical studies that SINTAX drugs have the potential to treat a wide range of systemic inflammatory conditions without systemic exposure. The observation that it extends to the CNS suggests the potential for SINTAX drugs in addition to the treatment of classic chronic inflammatory diseases to uninhibited neuroinflammation. ”

In the preclinical study presented at ECTRIMS, EDP1867 was tested in an EAE mouse model with relapsing neuroinflammation. Oral daily treatment with EDP1867 administered prophylactically or therapeutically reduced the severity of the disease as demonstrated by a reduced mean maximum score and a reduced incidence of relapse compared to placebo. Treatment with EDP1867 reduced inflammation and demyelination in the spinal cord as shown in histopathological analysis. Transcriptional profiling of small intestinal tissue confirmed that EDP1867 upregulated genes in lymphocyte pathways that resolve inflammation, as well as genes associated with intestinal homeostasis.

About EDP1867
EDP1867 is a non-living pharmaceutical preparation of a single strain of Veillonella parvula, isolated from the ileum by a human donor. It is made non-living by y-irradiation in the manufacturing process, making it unable to colonize or persist in the intestine, a key feature of SINTAX medicine. EDP1867 is currently in clinical development. It has the potential to treat a wide range of inflammatory and neuroinflammatory diseases.

About Evelo Biosciences
Evelo Biosciences is a clinical phase biotechnology company developing orally delivered drugs designed to act on the small intestine, SINTAX ™, with systemic therapeutic effects. SINTAX plays a key role in the management of the immune system, metabolic and neurological systems. Evelo’s first product candidates are pharmaceutical preparations of single strains of microbes that have been selected because of their potential to offer defined pharmacological properties. Evelo’s therapies have the potential to be effective, safe and affordable drugs to improve the lives of people with inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Evelo currently has four product candidates under development: EDP1815, EDP1867 and EDP2939 for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and EDP1908 for the treatment of cancer. Evelo promotes additional product candidates in other disease areas.

For more information, please visit www.evelobio.com and interact with Evelo on LinkedIn.

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