Jason Blum says scripts are done but need work

Leigh Whannellis sci-fi horror Upgrade came and went with barely a glance audience attention in 2018, which is a real shame because Upgrade whips an almost unfair amount of ass. While Whannell just wanted to get started and kickstart a new contemporary Universal Monsters franchise with Invisible man a year later, the director and Blumhouse CEO Jason blum still want the unique potential of Upgrade to reach as large an audience as possible. It extends to the TV series’ spinoff, which was announced in May last year, as Blum says Collider went through a round of script scripts that was simply not to be sniffed. When our own Steven Weintraub sat down with the producer to talk Welcome to Blumhouse, he also told us the high goal for Upgrade TV series must be ordered directly for series.

After restoring his (correct) opinion that “Upgrade was a great movie, “here’s exactly what Blum honestly told us:

“Upgrade should have been a broad release. I was mad about it. We’re working on a TV show. So we’re working on scripts. This first round did not come out. I did not get the answer I would get. I do not want to be in development. I want an order. We’re working on scripts again so we can get an order. And I do not want to develop it. ”

Logan Marshall-Green in upgrade
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Written and directed by Whannell, Upgrade stars Logan Marshall-Green as a mechanic, Gray Trace, paralyzed in the same brutal attack that took the life of his wife, Asha (Melanie Vallejo). Her boss, tech magnate Eron Keen (Harrison Gilbertson) Gray offers an experimental STEM implant, a microchip inserted into his brain that allows him to walk again. The procedure works, but STEM (expressed by Simon Maiden) grows more and more conscious and ducks Gray’s body on a revenge hunt he has no physical control over. It’s basically a cyberpunk version of Married with action scenes that are ten times more technically impressive, and Marshall-Green’s wild main performance is a tragically underrated piece of physical commitment throughout the body.

When the TV spinoff was first announced, Blumhouse noted that it “takes up a few years after the film’s events and expands the universe with a developed version of STEM and a new host – imagining a world where the government recycles STEM to help to curb criminal activity. “Whannell is ready to work as an executive producer with Tim Walsh (Shooting game) as a showrunner, with Krystal Ziv Houghton and James Roland fills the author room. Although both Houghton and Roland are no strangers to adapting Blumhouse hits to the small screen thanks to their time spent as showrunners on Cleanse season 2, it sounds like the first round of Upgrade The TV series scripts were just not where anyone wanted them, especially when it comes to getting more eyes on the franchise it deserves.

To be fair, Blum has recently reacted strongly to the fact that his studio’s great original ideas did not get the love they deserve. Last time we talked, he told us a big part of the decision to debut Halloween kills day-and-date in theaters and on peacock was due to the lukewarm reception for body-changing slasher comedy Freaky.

Look for our extended interview with Jason Blum tomorrow.

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