The Walking Dead Star would really like to play this Marvel Superhero

ryan hurst walking dead

Almost every actor in Hollywood listed under the A-list would jump at the chance to board the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the opportunity should come their way, and with no less than 31 film and television projects currently under development, there will be plenty of roles opening up on both the big screen and Disney Plus.

Phase four seeks to find the balance between old players and push the franchise forward in a bold new era, with more new faces set to debut than at any other time in MCU’s history. The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst has now thrown his hat in the ring for especially a hero, as you can see below.

Sentry is a relatively new hero who was first introduced to Marvel Comics in 2000, but he has long since been established as one of mythology’s most powerful beings. Robert Reynolds was once Earth’s beloved resident superhero who was forced to obliterate his existence from the planet’s collective consciousness.

He also has a supervillain who lives inside him, with the creature known as the void that acts as the evil for Sentryis good. It’s an interesting dynamic that would offer a challenging performance if the character were ever to be brought into live action, and at least Marvel knows it has someone more than willing to play the role if it ends up being available.

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