UK Woman Decides Not to Buy Sponges, For She Can’t Stop ‘Eating Them’

A 44-year-old woman in the UK has had to stop buying mushrooms for her home. The reason is funny to say the least. She can not resist her urge to eat them. Claire Louise Owen, from Criccieth, North Wales in the UK, started chewing mushrooms when she was 14 years old.

In her teens, she reportedly developed the urge to eat mushrooms in her first period. She broke through a fungus in a week when her urge was worst. She stores mushrooms in her leotard drawer to eat them all day whenever she feels like them.

Claire believes she suffers from pica, an eating disorder that makes her crave non-foods that have no nutritional value. However, she was too embarrassed to talk to her chief physician, Metro reported.

Now Claire, along with her husband Gwilym, have decided to stop buying bath sponges to curb her strange appetite.

“I like the tearing sensation of putting a sponge in my mouth, tearing, chewing and swallowing it. That’s the texture I like – they taste awful, “she said.

She said she eats mushrooms to taste, even after getting a bar of chocolate. She stores mushrooms in her bedroom drawer and takes two to three bits a day.

Claire, a mother of two, said her urge intensifies when she is menstruating. Given the health consequences, she is now trying to avoid buying another mushroom to eat. The family has now decided that they will not buy new mushrooms.

Claire thought an iron deficiency could be the cause of her addiction to fungus before she was told about Pica, the eating disorder.

Her family is now aware of her mushroom-eating habit. They work with Claire to help her get rid of the habit.

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