Kim Kardashian has just secured the $ 60 million Hidden Hills Mansion amid Kanye West’s divorce

Kim Kardashian ‘s fans will be thrilled to read about her recent achievement for herself and the kids. Check out the latest news revealed by The Shade Room below.

TSR notes that ‘It looks like Kim Kardashian and her children will continue to enjoy their luxurious Hidden Hills home beyond her pending divorce to Kanye West. According to @tmz_tv, the reality star and entrepreneur is now the sole owner of the property. LA County records reportedly show that Kanye recently signed his rights to the giant home. ‘

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TSR also said that ‘As you may remember, the former couple bought the property in 2014 for $ 20 million. Afterwards, in true Kanye fashion, the rapper tore down the house to add his own glare to it. ‘

TSR notes that ‘As seen in viral footage, the home includes custom fixtures such as a fully lit ceiling, detached double vanities and a bathtub that fits all of their children in their master bathroom. Kanye knocked on designers and architects from around the world to bring it and their “basketball court, detached gym, massive swimming pool and two kitchens” to life. ‘

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TSR quoted TMZ as saying: ‘the home is worth about $ 60 million – about a 200% increase. And it seems that Kim Kardashian left the negotiating table with the best possible deal. ‘

Someone said, ‘Kim always kept Kanye down no matter what. So …, ‘and a comment wrote this:’ He does not seem to be the type who would make his children move before a divorce. ‘

Another supporter sent this message: ’60 million dollars HOME …. Never come home to it !!! “HURRICANE” YE is a legendary man, ‘and one commentator said,’ at this point in their rich lives … does not even matter … as long as the kids are good, I would not even mind it. ‘

Another supporter said: ‘$ 60 million for the cradle … and I set payment schemes on a $ 150 electricity bill,’ and one commenter said, ‘It’s the mother of his children, she gets what she wants. As if he’s not up to enjoy himself in Wyoming or anywhere he stops. business is business. ‘

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