Loki & Sylvie Get realistic characters with hot toys with lots of accessories

Inspired by the Marvel / Disney + series, tricksters Loki and Sylvie get incredibly realistic Hot Toys characters complete with lots of accessories.

Loki‘s titular trickster has received its own realistic Hot Toys character inspired by the Marvel Studios series. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third show to premiere at Disney + followed an alternative or ‘variant’ version of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki after he was arrested by the Time Variance Authority (TVA). Instead of being cropped, the God of Evil was recruited by Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) to capture another Loki variant, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino).

Once it has been revealed that TVA, not Sylvie, is the series’ antagonistic force, Loki joins his female variant in his unique mission to shut down TVA’s Time-Keepers. The journey of the star-crossed and vaguely narcissistic duos leads them to the “void”, an abundance of other Lokis and the Citadel at the end of time, where He who remains (Jonathan Majors) is revealed to be the true mastermind behind TVA. In the end, He who remains explains that Loki and Sylvie had two options: Kill him, unleash the sacred timeline, and unleash endless devils or take over his life’s work. In line with a theme of self-discovery, Loki season 1 ended the same way it started: with him ‘can’t trust’ set against her who ‘can’t trust.’

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According to the side show, fans can now pre-order Hot Toys’ official Loki and Sylvie characters. The collectibles are about 30 cm high and cost $ 275 and $ 270 respectively. The figures perfectly capture the resemblance between both Hiddleston and Di Martino with their now iconic costumes from Loki. Each figure also comes with a themed stand, Time Door wallpaper and a lot of interchangeable pieces. Loki is accompanied by a sword with fire effects, dagger, a computer, tempad, collar and reset charge with effects and (of course) Miss Minutes. Sylvie, on the other hand, is equipped with her signature blade, a pruning stick with replaceable ends, tempad and her reset charge. Check them out below:

IN Loki Season 1 finale, Sylvie used Loki’s love for her to distract him and send him through a time door before throwing her blade down into He Who Remains. This apparently liberated the multiverse and the Kang Conqueror at MCU. The episode ended with a terrified Loki staring at a statue of Kang within a completely different TVA. It is unclear whether the god of evil is actually in another TVA or the same TVA that has been changed. Fortunately, Loki season 2 has been confirmed and Hiddleston is expected to appear in Doctor Strange 2.

The last time the audience saw Sylvie, she was in the Citadel at the end of time and looking at the timeline branch. That said, she could perform at any time in an upcoming project, whether it was in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness together with Loki, or Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where Kang is to appear. Many Loki characters and concepts, including variations, Nexus Events and alternate timelines, can still use some review, which will definitely be a key element in the next episodes of MCU’s Phase 4. But until then, fans can pay tribute to their favorite Loki characters with the incredibly realistic figures above.

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