Science Says Creativity Can Heal Childrens Mental Health

Psychologist and scientist Shamini Jain, Ph.D. joins Gayle Guyardo as host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with ways to help your children heal through creativity.

She has four simple tips to launch your little ones to be more creative.

Let your child lead – Part of creativity is not knowing where to go and being willing to “go with the flow”. Ask your child if there is an activity, such as making a craft, drawing, making a meal, dancing, singing, or any other creative activity they would like to do with you. If they can not or will not think of anything, give them three options and let them choose.

2. Listen, learn and follow – Children are naturally creative and bring joy to us when we observe them. They also enjoy the opportunity to lead when they can in families as it helps them feel “heard”. Plus when we observe that our children are creative, it also triggers our own creative flow! Assuming your child does not pour sticky juice over your best silk rug or your partner’s favorite musical instrument, do your best to follow their energy and supplement what they are doing with their creative energy.

Be vulnerable – let’s face it – not everyone is a professional artist. Some of us still draw stick figures! Do not try to impress your child with your artistic ability – instead just let yourself create what comes to you – even if you think you are not “good” at the activity. You model for your child that you do not have to be perfect to enjoy the benefits of creativity, and you can even have a few laughs!

4. Enjoy the moment- The beauty of creativity is that it helps bring us into a “flow” state, beyond our eternally thinking minds. We can open to awe and enjoy the present. Enjoy these moments of creativity with your child, and know that you are creating positive memories that will last a lifetime.

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