SOPRANOS Alum is Halloween’s Deli Meat Mascot The Gabaghoul

We here at


love a good pun. At least I hope we do, as I and a few colleagues will not stop making them in our work Slack. We also love slang off

The sopranos

. The show introduced everyone to wonderful Italian-American lingo like “Oh Madone!” and “stugots”. Now our two loves have combined with our favorite season of the year. All for a completely absurd advertisement. ONE


alum is the star of a new Halloween ad for delicacies; Vincent Pastore is Gabaghoul.

Ooooh! Can you believe this guy here? It’s the actor who played Salvatore Bonpensiero in the iconic HBO bully series. (Although you may remember him better by the character’s nickname. A moniker that is not suitable for a story a child might read.) He is the star of a new campaign (which we first looked at


) from

Dietz & Watson

. The Philadelphia-based company has been selling delicacies and cheeses for 80 years. Now they serve customers a perfect Halloween word game. Seriously, do you think you can do better than “The Gabaghoul?” Fuhgetaboutit!

Casting someone from

The sopranos

to play this Halloween-cut mascot is what really makes this ad perfect. The show turned “gabagool”, a slang term for capicola – a fat Italian pork cold cuts I would eat every day if I could – into a running gag. However, not by making fun of it. Just by talking about it and eating it all the time. “Gabagool” is not only delicious, but it is also impossible to say.

A ghoul in a black cloak holds a hoof in his kitchen in front of sandwiches like Gabaghoul for Dietz & Watson.  A Halloween treat from the Sopranos.

Dietz & Watson

Our only regret is that we did not first find on “The Gabaghoul”. It was right there! But we’re still glad the character is here now to offer us some Halloween party tricks. And he has a whole bunch of them. Check out

Kost & Watson

‘s YouTube page to see them all.

Then be sure to serve gabagool on any sandwich you lay out for your party. Not just because it’s amazing, but because a halloween pop culture word game this tasty has earned it.

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