18 Halloween thrillers that are scary but not bloody

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Screenshot: The Conjuring / Warner Bros.

I give director James Wan an awful lot of credit. After earning a boat with money to set up So V franchise (a series of films that popularized the term “torture porn”), he turned around and reinvented the eerie haunted genre in Insidious and The magician. Tastes in thrillers vary wildly, but it’s hard to argue that these movies were less scary to be relatively bloodless, and sometimes you just want to watch a scary movie that doesn’t make you lose your lunch.

I’m neither pro-gore nor anti-gore myself, but it’s not uncommon for horror films to rely on gross special effects as a substitute for horror — and while it may provide a good time in the films, it does not relieve horror filmmakers. the burden of making a film that is truly eerie or disturbing. If a pierced eyeball or some intestines hanging on a hook contribute to it, great! Otherwise and often it is simply a nice bit of practical effects.

If you are a more intimidating thriller seeker, there are plenty of great movies that will disturb you without resorting to throwing a bucket of blood in your face. (My favorite local movie theater serves a full menu now, and honestly, sometimes I can’t handle sore close-ups while trying to eat my personal pizza.) Here are 18 of them – guaranteed to increase your heart rate, but not your gap.


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